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Best customisable and comfortable sofa for a modern living room: Why Koala’s sofas are ‘game changers’

Looking to upgrade your living room essentials? You’ll want to read this.

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Koala launches a brand new sofa

More so than ever, Aussies are looking to customise their home appliances, furniture, beds and even pillows and throw rugs to showcase their unique style and sophistication.

Despite spending more time in our homes than anywhere else, we don’t want to fork out obscene amounts of money to keep up with the latest trends and personalise our homewares.

I’ve long been a fan of Australian brand Koala’s ethos and own a fair few pieces from its collection: a King-sized mattress (irreplaceable), a sturdy wooden TV cabinet (fits seamlessly against a wall) and even a bed head (to add some flair).

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So when I heard the good people behind the business had unveiled a brand new fully customisable sofa and matching accessories, I had to explore what made it such a head turner.

The Bangalow Modular Sofa is easily the most stylish and customisable sofa Koala has produced to date.

It allows its owners to craft longer and shorter seating elements with everything from extra corners to a chaise to lie down on (my personal favourite).

The Bangalow Modular Sofa in limestone.
The Bangalow Modular Sofa in limestone. Credit: Koala

Ranging in size from a three-seater to a 10-seater, there is a make and model of this sofa to suit ever-changing lifestyle needs.

I’m actually in the process of buying my first home and moving out of a rental, so it’s common to have the fear that the sofa you had in one house won’t fit into the next one.

But that will never be the case with the Bangalow design.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional sofa, a luxurious chaise or a spacious corner configuration, the Bangalow can be effortlessly transformed to meet space and configuration needs.

Starting from $2,100 for a three-seater sofa, you don’t need to break the bank to upgrade your space.

The couch is available in a number of colours including Morning Grey, Green Wattle, Limestone and Sand Dune, plus custom boucle fabrics.

My favourite of is the Limestone, because it perfectly accentuates the timber details around my home.

But it wouldn’t be a living room without some of the heavenly accessories we’ve come to know and love from Koala.

You can complete the look with an armchair (the one seater option is $1,200) or an ottoman (small is $450, large is $550) and have more family members come to join you to watch the latest episode of Farmer Wants a Wife.

One of the best parts about the Koala-buying experience is how hands-on the customer care team is when it comes to sorting delivery.

Say hello to the ultimate modern accessories.
Say hello to the ultimate modern accessories. Credit: Koala

It’s an all-around premium service and it’s available to customers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Metro.

At checkout, you can simply select an option that includes assembly of whatever product you’ve ordered, as well as rubbish removal.

So forget the days of IKEA flat packs that sit untouched for days until you have a spare minute to fetch your Allen key.

This is a no-mess, no-fuss way to have your sofa erected in seconds without the hassle of using Airtasker.

I will say that, before this premium delivery option was included at an extra cost, I used to set up my Koala pieces with my own two hands, and I never had an issue reading the instructions or trying to locate nuts and screws.

The quality of the new sofa and accessories is second to none, with no potential for it to pill and peel with wear and tear.

Don’t believe me? Koala always offers shoppers a 120-night risk free trial, so if you don’t feel like it’s the right fit you can return it with ease.

“This new modular offering is a true reflection of Koala’s commitment to revolutionising furniture that combines form, function and versatility,” said Rory Costello, Chief Commercial Officer at Koala.

“What we love most about the Bangalow is that it’s been designed to adapt to people’s busy and evolving lives — not the other way around.”

VP Product Design at Koala James Whitta said: “The versatility of the Bangalow is great, whether people are fitting a sofa into more compact quarters or looking for an expansive setup in bigger rooms.

“It’s perfect for people who like to revamp their space constantly and not be tethered to one fixed arrangement.”

There is a reason Koala, which is B Corp Certified, is the most awarded furniture brand in Australia.

To test out the new Bangalow Modular Sofa and its accessories yourself, head to Koala’s website here.

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